Bradfield | Within our Reach


01 Lifting the Veil
02 The First Supper
03 Arrival of the Cherubs
04 Human History
05 Heaven & Earth Spirits
06 Where the Sun Never Sleeps
07 A New Beginning
08 Fable Love
09 Pristine Light
10 Hope for a Blue Planet

Length : 75:24




In an extraordinary artistic symbiosis, two unique creators unite to explore the realm of angels and fairies working their magic to assist mankind. With a sensitive, intuitive approach, fine art painter LorAnge and composer Bradfield fuse their inspiration into a collective energy where the whole nourishes and stimulates the other, taking the marriage of art and music to a glorious new level. Bradfield brings LorAnge’s canvases to life, painting a sonic landscape that opens the door to this enchanted realm. Each piece unravels with gentle suppleness, mild and serene, calling out to the dreamer in each of us while exuding the same rich hues and poetic charm that flow so freely from LorAnge’s brush.

At moments, shimmering with new age thoughtfulness, at others, lyrical like a Celtic romance, Bradfield’s symphonic music resonates deeply with the timeless wonder of the universe. By journey’s end, this divine and heavenly world is truly within our reach.

©2005 APSIS Music. All rights reserved.

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