2. The Firs
3. Milk Hill (White Horse)
5. East Field (Wiltshire)
7. North Downs
8. Avebury Trusloe
9. Woolstone Hill
10. Sacred Signs (Sung by Anael)
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 Titre : Sacred Signs
 Longueur : 51:41
 Artiste : Bradfield
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Drawing inspiration from all aspects of this vital phenomenon, Sacred Signs evokes both the mystery and the transformative power of the Crop Circles.
With a soundtrack that resonates at the level of their vibration, this atmospheric, meditative music by Bradfield facilitates the direct transmission of their energy to the human soul. Linear yet abstract, and accompanied by the aerial photographs of WCCSG researcher Francine Blake, each track interprets the sacred geometry of a specific crop formation, revealing at once its depth and its inherent simplicity.

28 page deluxe booklet featuring:
• Crop Circle essays
• silhouettes & geometry
• Titre track sung by Anael


"Light of complete refinement
Rise and reveal your blaze
Shine, Light of peace and comfort
As we evolve: Love will illume our way"
- Love Will Illume Our Way